What Led me to the Musician’s Life

Why and how did I become a musician?

That is a very interesting idea to discuss. Well the easiest way I can begin to answer is to take it all back to the beginning of how I started.

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Like I have discussed on here before, piano was my first instrument, I started when I was eight years old, and really it began like an accident. My Grandma had this old out of tune piano, the thing sounded like junk. But when I started staying over at her place for the summer, I would often get bored; find myself with nothing else to do, except beat away on that old junkie piano, just random noise to alleviate my boredom. That is how it began for me.

I really wasn’t even into music back then, I was just bored. That was really all it was. I started banging and just making sounds at first. Then the sounds became patterns. I started repeating themes I heard on TV or the Movies. I played the duh, duh, duh, duh, from Jaws. And somehow convinced myself I was playing the theme to the twilight zone.

I suppose later into these my parents thought I displayed some sort of early aptitude towards music, so they signed me up for some lessons. But these really only lasted about a month, just taught me some core basics. The rest of my learning was on my own and the next few years I just tinkered with my piano playing off and on.

And then Middle School happened. I remember my sixth grade year well, suddenly everybody loved music and they loved musicians. So I told people well, you know, I sort of play piano, I’m a musician. But my friends convinced me to really be cool I needed to play guitar, so I bought my first guitar; it was this bulky old acoustic. And then the next semester I enrolled in guitar class at the middle school. The teacher really didn’t teach us much of anything; he treated the place like a study hall, and just let us run amuck while he did other stuff, if he was even there. The teacher cut class more than anybody else.

Who I really learned from were the young musicians around me, some of those kids had already been playing guitar and showed me a thing or too. They told me to forget the lousy ditties they threw at us in a school sheet music book and introduced me to a copy of guitar world and more importantly showed me how to play tablature. This is a way to read music for guitar, that is comprised of marking the fret placement by numbers on a piece of paper, it’s a shortcut to learning more complex sheet music. I learned a lot from these guys, and this was my first experience at really wanting to play music and being a musician.

So it was a combination of luck, peer pressure and fate. So there you have it folks!


Ruben Padilla