John Lennon a Truly Great Briton

I’ve always liked the Beatles and in particular I have always been a great fan for one Beatle in particular; John Lennon.

I always viewed him as the most raw and real Beatle of the four. But recently I saw a documentary about Mr. Lennon on YouTube that was really quite an eye opener. John Lennon had quite a life, the documentary I saw was from the BBC, The BBC of course is a British outlet and John Lennon of course was British.

So it was interesting to see the British perspective of John Lennon. I had no idea but according to this documentary, in 1965 they all received the MEB. The Medal of the Empire of Briton, this is a historic award that has been distributed throughout the centuries to those that the Queen of England decide merit it. What was interesting was that in 1969 in typical rebellious John Lennon fashion, John Lennon threw the medal back in the Queen’s face. He officially returned his Medal of the Empire, along with a letter explaining why. He stated that until England ceased its colonial endeavor’s and stops backing the United States in the Vietnam War he would not want the Medal.

I knew I always liked John Lennon!

He was a guy that stuck to his principles, it was not just about rebelling, if he believed in something he really stood up for it. That’s what I liked about him on a personal level. And from a music stand point, his work really speaks for itself. The documentary noted that before John Lennon’s arrival most of the musicians of the day did not write their own songs. John Lennon and the other Beatles on the other hand found a formula that was absolute genius. They just couldn’t go wrong with their methodology they wrote a string of hits. They had a perfect structure in their songwriter with always a catchy hook, nice pop beat, and melodic guitar work. It really was quite a package they brought; this is why they say that everything has already been written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Those guys from Liverpool really did a lot.


Ruben Padilla