How Music Has Help Me Burn More Fat

listening to music for burning fat

Music is a very important element in our daily lives. It helps relieve stress, relax muscles, influences our general health and most important of all helps burn more fat in our bodies. This is due to the fact that it influences the secretion of hormones in our bodies, for example when we listen to slow soothing music, the music triggers the brain to release hormone leptin, the hormone responsible of fat burning in the body, this helps facilitate fat burning.

Also, listening to slow soothing music rejuvenates ones mood while also relieving stress, when the mind is rejuvenated, it makes one more active, this leads to one doing more workouts which in turn leads to the body burning more fat.

Listening to music while having your meal affects your eating pace, this in turn affects fat burning in the body. For example listening to classical music slows down your eating pace thus enabling you to chew the food properly. This in turn improves digestion thus enabling enzymes effectively breakdown the fat in the food. Listening to pop music on the other hand, speeds up your eating pace a condition that makes you swallow bigger pieces as you don’t adequately chew them. This makes it hard for enzymes to break down fat in the food. The fat is therefore absorbed in its normal manner. This leads to build up of ‘hard to burn’ fat in the body.

Listening to music while you are exercising helps the body burn more fat. This is due to the fact that music will prevent you from becoming bored thus making you stay longer at the gym. Another reason is the fact that music helps rejuvenate the mind and this will in turn leads to one having more exercise, a condition that increases the fat burning process in the body.


Ruben Padilla