For The Love Of Guitars And Rock n Roll

Living the dream for some may not be what they expect! This holds true, especially in the life of a musician. To musicians and band members that are just starting out, being on tour is the mecca of their ambitions. But it’s only when you start the grind that you realise that, troubles and hardships are going to be your best mates, while your fellow band-members turn into travel buddies that you could really do without!

There can be a lot of anxiety on the road. I certainly faced my fair share of it. Imagine being months away from home. Far away from your friends and family. Holding onto a relationship is hard enough as it is and once you get on the road, it is rocky all the time! If you are an established band, then congrats! You get a tour bus. For the rest of us mortals a van will have to do, as our home, for months on end!

My anxiety problems basically stem from me being away from home for long periods of time. Things always change by the time I’m back and as an individual, I do not enjoy change in my one constant environment. Sometimes I get scared by some insane thought in my head (find out how I overcame this at panic away review). My bus could crash… The next phone call I pick will be my girlfriend dumping me…Anything that makes me constantly anxious even though it is just a thought in my head of the worst case scenario!

In the end, all I can say is that to be a musician on the road is one of the toughest things I have ever done! From being supremely uncomfortable all the time to having to deal with constant tiredness, being on the road is tough but if you really love the music that you make, then it is definitely worth your time and energy to pursue something that you feel so strongly about!


Ruben Padilla