Choosing To Be Your Own Photographer When You’re A Travelling Musician

travelling musician own photographer

The music industry has grown tremendously, and every individual musician is trying to make a living out of the already competitive industry. Musicians always have to travel to various places to both shoot video, and photographs.

However, in some circumstances, they have to go when called upon to perform in some events. And in the long run they spent a lot of money and resources during their travelling process. As an upcoming musician, it may be quite expensive for one to hire a photographer who will take your videos.

However, the only way on which, an artist can reduce the cost of photography. And becoming a photographer requires you to have passion in your music work and a talent for photography, which can be learnt easily from

There many ways of acquiring photography skills, you can either take a course in photography or practice your photography skills through experience. Most of the musicians who are successful in their careers never attended any class, but they acquired the necessary equipments and started shooting photographs. And with time they become brands in the music industry. The following are some of the reasons why it’s cheaper for a musician to take photos and videos while travelling:

You save time and money

A good musician, you have to plan for long-term benefits, and acquiring the necessary tools that are useful in the music industry. However, it may be expensive to buy those equipments at the start, but, in the long run, the expenditure cost reduces and more returns are realized. In addition, as a musician you will not have to plan on where to hire new equipments; therefore you save time and cost.

Choosing the best shooting sites is possible

In most case musicians don’t have to plan for every event he/she attends, and those musicians who have photography tools will be in an advantageous position if someone requires them to perform immediately. Alternatively, one may be travelling and the location he/she is at that moment best suits his/her music. Therefore, it will be easier for them to shoot photos, rather than to look for a photographer in a new place they are not familiar.

It’s crucial for any musician to be a photographer, when travelling because it will save both their time and money.


Ruben Padilla