Choosing To Be Your Own Photographer When You’re A Travelling Musician

travelling musician own photographer

The music industry has grown tremendously, and every individual musician is trying to make a living out of the already competitive industry. Musicians always have to travel to various places to both shoot video, and photographs.

However, in some circumstances, they have to go when called upon to perform in some events. And in the long run they spent a lot of money and resources during their travelling process. As an upcoming musician, it may be quite expensive for one to hire a photographer who will take your videos.

However, the only way on which, an artist can reduce the cost of photography. And becoming a photographer requires you to have passion in your music work and a talent for photography, which can be learnt easily from

There many ways of acquiring photography skills, you can either take a course in photography or practice your photography skills through experience. Most of the musicians who are successful in their careers never attended any class, but they acquired the necessary equipments and started shooting photographs. And with time they become brands in the music industry. The following are some of the reasons why it’s cheaper for a musician to take photos and videos while travelling:

You save time and money

A good musician, you have to plan for long-term benefits, and acquiring the necessary tools that are useful in the music industry. However, it may be expensive to buy those equipments at the start, but, in the long run, the expenditure cost reduces and more returns are realized. In addition, as a musician you will not have to plan on where to hire new equipments; therefore you save time and cost.

Choosing the best shooting sites is possible

In most case musicians don’t have to plan for every event he/she attends, and those musicians who have photography tools will be in an advantageous position if someone requires them to perform immediately. Alternatively, one may be travelling and the location he/she is at that moment best suits his/her music. Therefore, it will be easier for them to shoot photos, rather than to look for a photographer in a new place they are not familiar.

It’s crucial for any musician to be a photographer, when travelling because it will save both their time and money.


For The Love Of Guitars And Rock n Roll

Living the dream for some may not be what they expect! This holds true, especially in the life of a musician. To musicians and band members that are just starting out, being on tour is the mecca of their ambitions. But it’s only when you start the grind that you realise that, troubles and hardships are going to be your best mates, while your fellow band-members turn into travel buddies that you could really do without!

There can be a lot of anxiety on the road. I certainly faced my fair share of it. Imagine being months away from home. Far away from your friends and family. Holding onto a relationship is hard enough as it is and once you get on the road, it is rocky all the time! If you are an established band, then congrats! You get a tour bus. For the rest of us mortals a van will have to do, as our home, for months on end!

My anxiety problems basically stem from me being away from home for long periods of time. Things always change by the time I’m back and as an individual, I do not enjoy change in my one constant environment. Sometimes I get scared by some insane thought in my head (find out how I overcame this at panic away review). My bus could crash… The next phone call I pick will be my girlfriend dumping me…Anything that makes me constantly anxious even though it is just a thought in my head of the worst case scenario!

In the end, all I can say is that to be a musician on the road is one of the toughest things I have ever done! From being supremely uncomfortable all the time to having to deal with constant tiredness, being on the road is tough but if you really love the music that you make, then it is definitely worth your time and energy to pursue something that you feel so strongly about!


How Music Has Help Me Burn More Fat

listening to music for burning fat

Music is a very important element in our daily lives. It helps relieve stress, relax muscles, influences our general health and most important of all helps burn more fat in our bodies. This is due to the fact that it influences the secretion of hormones in our bodies, for example when we listen to slow soothing music, the music triggers the brain to release hormone leptin, the hormone responsible of fat burning in the body, this helps facilitate fat burning.

Also, listening to slow soothing music rejuvenates ones mood while also relieving stress, when the mind is rejuvenated, it makes one more active, this leads to one doing more workouts which in turn leads to the body burning more fat.

Listening to music while having your meal affects your eating pace, this in turn affects fat burning in the body. For example listening to classical music slows down your eating pace thus enabling you to chew the food properly. This in turn improves digestion thus enabling enzymes effectively breakdown the fat in the food. Listening to pop music on the other hand, speeds up your eating pace a condition that makes you swallow bigger pieces as you don’t adequately chew them. This makes it hard for enzymes to break down fat in the food. The fat is therefore absorbed in its normal manner. This leads to build up of ‘hard to burn’ fat in the body.

Listening to music while you are exercising helps the body burn more fat. This is due to the fact that music will prevent you from becoming bored thus making you stay longer at the gym. Another reason is the fact that music helps rejuvenate the mind and this will in turn leads to one having more exercise, a condition that increases the fat burning process in the body.


Learning To Sing: Where Do I Start?

For some people singing does not come naturally. For many, learning to sing involves practice and refinement. Learning to sing can be an exciting and rewarding experience. If you want to learn how to sing better, there are many ways to make it happen.

Singers use many techniques to help with vocal health and vocal range. If you want to learn to sing, you will need to become familiar with proper breathing techniques, correct posture and current vocal range. If you’re just starting out you will have to learn the correct way to use your diaphragm when vocalizing. Singing with a vocal group and taking lessons from a vocal coach will help you to hone your potential.

To learn better singing lessons, it is essential that you become familiar with your singing voice and range. As an aspiring singer, you will be acclimated to your own unique singing style by practicing. If you sing within your vocal range, you will be able to develop the vocal chords, so they can increase the range with time.

Correct posture is extremely important when you’re learning to sing. You need to maintain a posture that is erect and tall in order to allow for the lungs to be filled with air. Weak posture is characterized by a caved in chest when singing, and this does not allow the air to completely revitalize the body. You should always maintain correct posture by aligning your shoulders with your feet, with your head parallel to the ground. By adhering to this posture, you will be able to produce a rich tone.

Once you use a correct posture, you can breathe from the diaphragm while singing. Most beginning singers will sing from their throat, putting a lot of strain on their vocal chords and neck during the process.

To learn to sing correctly, you must avoid this damaging practice. You can activate other parts of your lung and diaphragm by using deep breathing exercises when warming up your voice. When you actively use your diaphragm, you will have your belly move in when you exhale or sing and out while inhaling.

When you learn to sing, it’s important to incorporate a wide range of warm-up exercises to increase the range of your voice. Proper vocal warm-ups are essential in order to avoid causing injury or damage to the vocal cords. There are many effective warm-ups that can help you practice both vocal modulation and breathing techniques.

You can also learn to sing by taking vocal lessons from a trained professional. You can get feedback as to your strengths and weaknesses, and be prescribed specific exercises designed for you. To checkout one of the best singing coaches online, visit is superior singing method a scam here. In addition, becoming a member of a choir or singing group, whether through church or in the community, will also help you to become more used to singing with other people and will enable you to gain confidence in your abilities.


The Hurdles of the Musician’s Life

I wanted to write a blog post about the challenges of being a musician. Those that have never tried do not realize how truly challenging the Musician Life can be. Like I have mentioned before there was a time that I was on the streets of Orlando and I couldn’t even make a sandwich, let alone a record. Those were the days, when I cried out against the capitalist greet of Mickey Mouse! (Anyway, moving right along!) There are simple many odds that go against you when you strap that guitar to your back, many that those on the outside have never even considered.


First of all you probably have to have some sort of talent, this is obvious to just about everybody. Although some American Idol Wannabees may beg to differ, but initially you have to have some sort of ability to launch a journey into the Musician’s Life. So that cuts out half of the population right there, you gotta have some sort of musical ability. Ok, I think we get that part of it right now, that’s is the easy one to conceptualize in the difficulties of the Musician’s Life.

So let’s go to number two, number two is the fact that we are not famous. Tough one right, we spend our whole musical career saying that we will be number one on top and no one takes us seriously. How do we explain that? People on the street laugh at you and tell you to get a life. (A Musicians Life!) People in the nightclub tell you they have heard it before, they are not impressed and what’s worse your Lady Gaga impersonation scares them! A musician’s life can be a rough one to deal with.

But what do I think the number one factor in aggravating a musician? The ever delightful excuse filled band mate. This individual is a passive aggressive surprise. He may be a drummer, he may be a bassist, he may beat upon a tambourine, it doesn’t matter who this guy is. It is always the same. He comes on strong about the bands prospects of success, and is super encouraging and positive with a, “We can do it man!” kind of mentality, and saying stuff like, “Yeah! We just gotta get out there!” and then 6 months later you are still playing in the garage. Why? Because this passive aggressive enthusiast is a coward at heart when it comes to the stage and even though he preaches time and time again that the band has what it takes. Every time you get remotely class to a concert date, he crumbles and backs down. Then you see the other side, and hear a bunch of, “No, man, we aren’t ready just yet” “We just gotta perfect our sound a bit that’s all”. And then this guy’s favorite catch phrase is, “Next week”, “Yeah maybe next week”.

This guy is the worst, I have played in a lot of bands with musicians like this. They keep saying, we’ll be ready next week, and then next week turns into next year. You have to be aware of band members like this and be sure to quarantine yourself from them, because guess what their lack of enthusiasm and general hesitancy to perform can be contagious. If you find yourself in a situation like that my advice is to bail. You just can’t let people like that hold you back, they keep repeating they are not ready, well, someone like that will never be ready and they are just wasting your time.

Some of the best shows I ever did were barely even rehearsed. I’ve had basically improve jam sessions on stage that turned into my best performances. The only thought we put into it ahead of time was to tune our guitars and then just jam. Those are the best kind of moments on stage. Pure and passionate improvisation that came from the soul, it did not need to be perfected and rehearsed and rehashed to death. We simply gave birth to our art right there on the stage in beautiful spontaneity. So don’t listen to the nay saying hesitate haters and you will be in good shape my friends!


John Lennon a Truly Great Briton

I’ve always liked the Beatles and in particular I have always been a great fan for one Beatle in particular; John Lennon.

I always viewed him as the most raw and real Beatle of the four. But recently I saw a documentary about Mr. Lennon on YouTube that was really quite an eye opener. John Lennon had quite a life, the documentary I saw was from the BBC, The BBC of course is a British outlet and John Lennon of course was British.

So it was interesting to see the British perspective of John Lennon. I had no idea but according to this documentary, in 1965 they all received the MEB. The Medal of the Empire of Briton, this is a historic award that has been distributed throughout the centuries to those that the Queen of England decide merit it. What was interesting was that in 1969 in typical rebellious John Lennon fashion, John Lennon threw the medal back in the Queen’s face. He officially returned his Medal of the Empire, along with a letter explaining why. He stated that until England ceased its colonial endeavor’s and stops backing the United States in the Vietnam War he would not want the Medal.

I knew I always liked John Lennon!

He was a guy that stuck to his principles, it was not just about rebelling, if he believed in something he really stood up for it. That’s what I liked about him on a personal level. And from a music stand point, his work really speaks for itself. The documentary noted that before John Lennon’s arrival most of the musicians of the day did not write their own songs. John Lennon and the other Beatles on the other hand found a formula that was absolute genius. They just couldn’t go wrong with their methodology they wrote a string of hits. They had a perfect structure in their songwriter with always a catchy hook, nice pop beat, and melodic guitar work. It really was quite a package they brought; this is why they say that everything has already been written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Those guys from Liverpool really did a lot.


What Led me to the Musician’s Life

Why and how did I become a musician?

That is a very interesting idea to discuss. Well the easiest way I can begin to answer is to take it all back to the beginning of how I started.

(If you just want to know more about me, then head on over to this page)


Like I have discussed on here before, piano was my first instrument, I started when I was eight years old, and really it began like an accident. My Grandma had this old out of tune piano, the thing sounded like junk. But when I started staying over at her place for the summer, I would often get bored; find myself with nothing else to do, except beat away on that old junkie piano, just random noise to alleviate my boredom. That is how it began for me.

I really wasn’t even into music back then, I was just bored. That was really all it was. I started banging and just making sounds at first. Then the sounds became patterns. I started repeating themes I heard on TV or the Movies. I played the duh, duh, duh, duh, from Jaws. And somehow convinced myself I was playing the theme to the twilight zone.

I suppose later into these my parents thought I displayed some sort of early aptitude towards music, so they signed me up for some lessons. But these really only lasted about a month, just taught me some core basics. The rest of my learning was on my own and the next few years I just tinkered with my piano playing off and on.

And then Middle School happened. I remember my sixth grade year well, suddenly everybody loved music and they loved musicians. So I told people well, you know, I sort of play piano, I’m a musician. But my friends convinced me to really be cool I needed to play guitar, so I bought my first guitar; it was this bulky old acoustic. And then the next semester I enrolled in guitar class at the middle school. The teacher really didn’t teach us much of anything; he treated the place like a study hall, and just let us run amuck while he did other stuff, if he was even there. The teacher cut class more than anybody else.

Who I really learned from were the young musicians around me, some of those kids had already been playing guitar and showed me a thing or too. They told me to forget the lousy ditties they threw at us in a school sheet music book and introduced me to a copy of guitar world and more importantly showed me how to play tablature. This is a way to read music for guitar, that is comprised of marking the fret placement by numbers on a piece of paper, it’s a shortcut to learning more complex sheet music. I learned a lot from these guys, and this was my first experience at really wanting to play music and being a musician.

So it was a combination of luck, peer pressure and fate. So there you have it folks!